Friday, June 12, 2009


I have never admitted succumbing to the so-called mental block. I say, I don't have such a thing. But what I do have are laziness, being out of focus, being not in the mood, physical sickness, or simply---I don't care attitude. When I am in one or more of those of the above, I stop with what I am doing (mostly nothing, actually), I drink tea or coffee or do something else. Then I will just realize that I have been out of focus for a week or half year or maybe longer. That's mental block for me. But can I call it that when I just lost the interest in finishing a story? Or the story lost steam? I say, I shouldn't have started writing that story at all. That's the problem with writers who call the blame mental block---it is like forcing themselves to think when there is no more to think. So I just chuck the project into the bin and take my dog for a walk.

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